Bambulli Spring Source

For the water purist, GTG Living Water is filtered through flysch rock formations of lower Oligocene and bottled at the underground spring source of Bambulli, Latitiude 40°9’48.24″N and Longitude 20°17’43.08″E. Our spring is located between two mountains (Dhembel and Nemercka in the area of Zagoria in South Albania) in a valley where no farming has been done ever, which means that no fertilizers are ever used, thus no contamination of the aquifer.

Pure clean water

Flowing through rock rich in calcium and minerals, we bottle the purity of GTG Living Water at our factory using the latest technology.

GTG Water Living

All mineral waters differ from each other. The degree and type of mineralization of every mineral water depends on the composition and layers of rock that the water has percolated through. Our water comes from a famous source at Zagoria province in Albania, which boasts a unique geological profile.

Deep underground, as precipitation seeps down from the earth’s surface, in a pure area which covers more than 100 square Kms and with mountains of more than 1500 mts in height. That means that all of the water that rises from our spring is the cleanest water anyone can find.

Low sodium

A reduction in sodium intake will reduce blood pressure and when blood pressure is lowered, a person has a smaller risk of developing heart disease. A low-sodium diet can also contribute to a decrease in the risk for stroke, heart failure, osteoporosis, stomach cancer and kidney disease.

Our water is ideal for athletes, pregnant women, people with kidney problems and generally suitable for anyone (children, adults, older people), since its balanced minerals and low sodium can’t harm anyone.

pH neutral

The pH-value describes the acid content of a fluid. It can vary between 0 (strongly acidic) and 14 (strongly alkaline/basic). With a value of 7 the solution is described as neutral. Carbonated mineral and health waters are on the slightly acidic side. Non-carbonated waters are usually neutral.

GTG Living Water has a pH of 7.2 – 7.6 which makes it a neutral water, best for people no matter in which health condition they are.