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Still Water

Exceptional pure with a balance of minerals filtered through the best system that exists: Uncontaminated Nature!!! Very low in minerals and sodium, it’s suitable for all people no matter in which condition they are – young, old, pregnant, sick, healthy etc. Due to very low sodium it’s best for people with kidney problems, athletes.

Drinking still “GTG Living water” supports life quality and feeling healthy.

Still Water
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Having performed all the necessary lab tests in authorized laboratories, we have found out that our water has some unique characteristics that add to it’s “pure” charisma.

Studies found that people whose drinking water was low in magnesium were able to lower their blood pressure by drinking a liter of mineral water every day, to mention one of many studies that exist about low in minerals water).

Low sodium means that is suitable for people with kidney problems, athletes, pregnant women, children. It is well known and medical proved that a low-sodium diet can contribute to a decrease in the risk for stroke, heart failure, osteoporosis, stomach cancer and kidney disease.

Natural Ingredients:

  • Calcium Ca 73mg/l
  • Magnesium Mg 2.4mg/l
  • Potassium K 0.3mg/l
  • Sodium Na 1.7mg/l
  • Bicarbonate HCO3 226mg/l
  • Sulfate SO4 2.9mg/l
  • Chloride CI 3.3mg/l
  • Nitrite NO2 < 0.005mg/l
  • Nitrate NO3 0.7mg/l